How to Find Us

Our laboratory is located on the sixth floor of the NOVUM building, as part of the Huddinge/Flemingsberg Research Campus in southern Stockholm. The Huddinge/Flemingsberg Research Campus is composed of the Karolinska Institute Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (Novum), the Södertörn University College (Högskola), and the Huddinge University Hospital (Universitetssjukhus). Our offices and labs reside directly above the restaurant TANGO (on the 5th floor by the main entrance); a staircase and elevator are conveniently situated in front of this restaurant.

We can be reached... train: NOVUM is located just up the hill from the FLEMINGSBERG station for commuter trains (PENDELTÅG) and regular trains (FJÄRRTÅG). car: NOVUM is located along HUDDINGEVÄGEN (VÄG 226), close to GLÖMSTAVÄGEN (VÄG 259), which in turn is linked to the main north-south thoroughfare through Stockholm (Highway E4/E20).

Click HERE for a more detailed map of the Huddinge/Flemingsberg Research Campus.