People in the Lab
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Peter Swoboda
Group Leader



Group personnel (Autumn 2012)

Anastasia Emmanouilidou (Post-Doc)
anastasia.emmanouilidou AT

Karin Fürtenbach (Laboratory Manager and Technical Assistant)
karin.furtenbach AT

Ida Klang (PhD Student / joint with the GJ Lithgow group at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging)
iklang AT

Gilbert Lauter (Post-Doc)
gilbert.lauter AT

Junho Lee (Visiting Professor on Sabbatical / Seoul National University)
elegans AT

Stephan Mauermann (Undergraduate Student / Lausitz University of Applied Sciences)
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Prasad Phirke (PhD Student)
prasad.phirke AT

Peter Swoboda (Principal Investigator and Group Leader)
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