Staffan Strömblad’s Research Group

The Cell Biology of Cancer

We aim to improve our fundamental understanding on how cancer develops and progresses by elucidating the signaling pathways that governs critical cellular functions, including cell proliferation and cell migration. We focus on the role of p21-activated kinase 4 and of cell to extracellular matrix interactions. Our laboratory has in place a number of techniques, including in vitro models, transgenic mice, cancer mouse models, patient database bioinformatics and patient specimens, which are combined within our comprehensive yet molecularly detailed investigations, stretching also into testing Pak4 pharmacological targeting. We also utilize a systems microscopy approach, where live cell microscopy of migrating cancer cells is combined with mathematical analyses and modeling.

We perform a large part of our investigations in a team oriented fashion. We also have a large number of national and international collaborations and actively participate in different networks, including the European Union-FP7-Systems Microscopy Network of Excellence and the Karolinska Institute’s Breast Cancer Theme Center (BRECT). Staffan Strömblad is the Coordinator and Vice director, respectively, for these two networks. Strömblad is also director of the Live Cell Imaging facility at Department of Biosciences and Nutrition at Karolinska Institutet, where we perform our microscopic imaging.