Welcome to Podbat

a tool to visualize, analyze and store genomic positioning data

What's New?

2015-9-25: Update to Podbat version 0.6.4.

2014-7-31: Update to Podbat version 0.6.0.

2014-2-16: The paper "Centromeric histone H2B monoubiquitination promotes noncoding transcription and chromatin integrity" by Sadeghi et al using new features of Podbat now online at NSMB.

2014-2-11: Update to Podbat version 0.5.8.

2013-11-18: Update to Podbat version 0.5.7. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

2013-9-10: Update to Podbat version 0.5.6. Major improvements as you can now load sequencing data (SAM files) directly. Additional minor bug fixes.

2013-3-14: The paper by Ulrika Norman-Axelsson describing TopIII at centromere appears in PLOS Genetics.

2012-9-26: Two new papers using Podbat have been accepted in PLOS Genetics and EMBO Journal.

2012-7-27: Update to version 0.5.4. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

2012-1-11: A Windows specific executable (with 1GB memory allocation) is now available is addition to the Mac application and platform-independent Java folder.

2011-12-9: Update to version 0.5.3. Several new features and some bug fixes. The plot functions and sorting functions have been improved and it is now possible to calculate a running average.

2011-10-8: Update to version 0.5.2. Several minor bug fixes and some added features, such that you can now rename and reorder samples.

2011-9-21: Update to version 0.5.1. Several bug fixes regarding the region determination. Improvements to the visualization and logs are created.

2011-9-14: Podbat is featured at EpiGenie. Read the text here.

2011-9-2: The Podbat Wiki is relocated to Sourceforge.

2011-8-26: The description of Podbat is now available at PLoS Computational Biology.

2011-8-15: Update to version 0.5. The access to the central database is now going through SSH, which eliminates a previous firewall issue from some computers.

2011-6-23: New update to version 0.4.8. Improved memory management, possibility to add average line in sample panel, options to export image in several formats (GIF, PNG, JPEG, EPS).

2011-5-26: The manuscript by Sadeghi et al describing Podbat has been accepted for publication in PLoS Computational Biology.

2011-5-9: Update to version 0.4.2. Statistical analysis of gene alignments now included + minor bug fixes.

2011-4-20: Documentation is now available via PodbatWiki. Feel free to improve on the manuals and other documentation. Also, Podbat is now deposited at Sourceforge, where it can be downloaded and bugs can be reported.

2011-4-14: Update to version 0.4.1. New features include access to genomic sequence data and possibility to upload data from other sources to match elements.

2011-3-11: Major update to version 0.3.8. The non-bundled Java version should now be better functionning. Data for S.cerevisiae included. Several minor bug fixes.

2011-2-15: "Topoisomerases, chromatin and transcription termination" by M. Durand-Dubief using Podbat is now available.

2010-12-30: New update with minor bug fixes in Podbat 0.3.2.

2010-12-07: A new paper using Podbat, "Topoisomerases, chromatin and transcription termination" by M. Durand-Dubief et al has been accepted for publication in Transcription.

2010-12-03: Update to Podbat 0.3.1. New features include Hidden Markov Models to detect regions and Gene Ontology enrichment analysis.

2010-11-14: Podbat 0.3 is now available for download. NB: this is an early access version.



To cite your use of Podbat, please reference Sadeghi et al, PLoS Comp Biol 2011.


Podbat can be downloaded without registration, but we recommend you to register as you then can receive information on news, updates and bug-fixes. Permission to use Podbat is granted under the GNU LGPL license.